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Celebrate With Us




Here we acknowledge members Birthdays, Anniversaries, Awards, anything that YOU WANT TO SHARE ......after all we ARE one BIG family at K.A.R.R


Trunk n Treat was a BIG hit this year.  We had around 150

trick or treaters.  It was VERY hard to pick a winner they all out did them selves.  Here are the winners

                          Age 10 and below

Frist place: (Mac N Cheese)  Collin Krumpols age 5

Second place: (Sky) Arianna Rodriguez age 1 1/2

                           Age 11 above

Frist place:   (Wednesday)  Isabelle Steele 11

Second place:  (Demogorgon)  Victor



                                                     HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR


     Katie Brown October 10th  (Sorry I didn't have it                 down..better late than never I guess)😮

   Tristen Gonzalez  October 22  (Hope you had the best                    Birthday )


Rose Ransdell December 12  (Thank you Lonny for info)


Jon Manderson December 25/1969 (Merry Christmas)


Sorry if I miss someone but I can't put down what I don't know.  If you told me Please remind me.





Warren & Sandy Shively just had their 54th Anniversary October 16th